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Real listening is the art of hearing between the spoken words.

At The Balanced Woman in Ardmore, PA we feel that actual listening involves using one’s eyes, knowledge and intuition as well as one’s ears. When a patient describes their discomfort and malaise, the staff at The Balanced Woman assesses the overall appearance of the patient, as well as hears their description of symptoms. By getting the whole picture of the patient’s condition, our physicians can intuitively evaluate the problem and apply their years of experience and knowledge to offer a treatment.

This type of listening is particularly required in instances of gynecological and hormonal issues. There could be a variety of symptoms present, such as weight gain, weight loss, fatigue, anxiety and low libido.

Physicians are trained to get results. In emergency situations a physician is trained to move quickly and decisively to help and, in many cases, save a patient. Staying calm under pressure while making the correct split-second decisions, based upon years of training, can often be a matter of life and death. The physician needs to assess the patient’s condition and take the appropriate measures to gain control of the problem. This leaves very little time or room for any type of discussion. Physicians are trained to act. If there is a problem the doctor does their best to find a solution.

Fortunately, not all interactions with a physician are in emergency situations. Most trips to the doctor are fairly routine checkups. Regardless of how ordinary the visit may be, physicians are still trained to identify problems and deliver a result. Most of the time these are easy fixes to such standard symptoms as high blood pressure, excessive weight gain or high cholesterol. Pharmaceuticals can be prescribed to remedy the problem and maybe a quick chat between doctor and patient about diet and foods to avoid. The visit is brief; a resolution is attained and the doctor can move on to the next patient.

To be fair, the doctor doesn’t necessarily lack compassion for the patient. Many hospitals and big medical practices try to discourage lengthy visits since most insurance companies pay for procedures and result oriented visits, but not consultations. This approach leaves very little time for doctor/patient dialogue, which makes it difficult to get to the root of the problem rather than just treating the obvious symptom. Treating a patient and bringing them relief is a good thing, but it’s only a part of the equation. With an integrative or holistic approach to healthcare it’s possible to not only treat the symptom, but to also understand and eradicate the underlying cause of the symptom. This approach involves listening to the patient and really hearing them.

Many patients come to me at my medical practice in Ardmore, PA for relief of symptoms due to menopause and hormonal imbalance. One of the most common complaints that I receive from them is that their previous doctor didn’t hear them or was dismissive of their complaints, while offering stress relieving medication. My patients have reported how their other doctors would wave off their complaints as being, “that time of life” while telling them “they just have to live with it.” Fortunately, woman don’t have to suffer symptoms due to menopause and hormone imbalance and there are ways to relieve the symptoms, but there is not a one size fits all solution or pill.

Many of The Balanced Woman’s patients express great relief that they have finally found a practice and a doctor who is really hears them and addresses their complaints. While menopause and hormone related issues do not require emergency medicine, hormonal imbalance can be the cause of great stress and anxiety as well as physical discomfort. In some cases, the symptoms might be a sign of more serious issues which need to be addressed. Therefore, as important as it is to be able to offer fast relief for symptoms, it is vital to have a conversation with the patient and that the patient is properly heard.

We realize that truly hearing the patient often takes more time and at The Balanced Woman the patients not only get the required time, but often receive follow up calls from the doctor as well. We understand that having and maintaining good health is complicated and we take our patients’ gynecological and hormonal issues seriously. As stated, The Balanced Woman is committed to treating the whole patient and not just the individual symptoms that are expressed.

By properly hearing the patient we try to evaluate and focus in on the underlying problem, rather than just prescribing a quick fix or by ordering unnecessary tests. We feel that caring for patients correctly starts with properly hearing them. Call us, we’re listening and we hear you.

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A Solution to Andropause

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

One subject that is often overlooked amongst both men and women is that of andropause.
As men age their testosterone levels drop and over time, begin to deplete. It’s a process that we may or may not be familiar with, but it is uncommonly discussed when compared to that of menopause. Usually the condition – also known as “Low T” – does not present itself with as severe of symptoms as menopause does. This is because its effects are slower and more gradual than those which present in menopause, which takes place in only a few years’ time.


Low T, or andropause, makes itself known by loss of vigor, muscle mass, restless sleep, moodiness and, often most notably, loss of sex drive or ability to partake in sexual activity. The process typically takes place over a 10- to 20-year period which can make it difficult to diagnose or treat.

In the past, andropause has been overlooked or dismissed. However, recent studies have shown that low testosterone levels in men have become increasingly more reported and the results, to a degree, can be comparable to estrogen imbalances in women. Men and women want to live life to its fullest as they age, and fortunately there is a way to maintain energy levels once hormones begin to change. Men, like women, have been discovering improved vitality through the use of hormone pellets. These pellets have been proven to be a relatively safe and easy way to reverse aging effects. Weight loss, regained energy, mood elevation and stronger sex drives have resulted from the usage of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

In the past, there has been some debate on hormone therapies. However, many of these perils respond to usage of synthetic forms of oral testosterone and have not been linked directly with the use of bioidentical hormones – which are derived from a plant base and are developed to be chemically identical to those that the human body produces naturally.

Using transdermal, or under the skin deposits, reduces and even eliminates some of the health risks associated with other forms of hormonal replacement. These methods can provide a safe and efficient way of delivering necessary hormones to both men and women.

Before receiving supplements, it is important to gather as much information on hormone replacement therapy. It is advisable to speak with your doctor or medical professional in order to ensure that the BHRT process is a match for your needs. In order to determine if BHRT is right for you, a preliminary consultation and blood work should be provided for proper evaluation prior to scheduling a second appointment for the insertion of pellets. The procedure is painless and only takes a few minutes, with benefits that last up to 4-6 months.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men philadelphia

The doctor and medical professionals at The Balanced Woman are available and happy to assist with any questions you may have about BHRT. Our office located in Ardmore Pennsylvania is easily accessible from Philadelphia and serves patients from the New York Metropolitan area as well.

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Philadelphia, PA -The Balanced Woman

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Right For You? 

In each stage of our lives, we face difficulties within our bodies. As we age, we become more susceptible to health risks and challenges. Because of this, it is essential for us to be aware of our bodies’ needs. One particular issue for both women and men revolves around the decline of hormone levels. When we reach a stage of menopause and andropause, the effects of our decreased hormone levels are ever more prevalent.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Philadelphia, PA -The Balanced Woman

For men, andropause symptoms may include: Irritability, fatigue, insomnia, decreased sex-drive, depression, confusion and a drop in cognitive function, heart disease, muscle loss, and more.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Philadelphia, PA -The Balanced Woman

For women, menopause symptoms are better known and may include: Weight gain, depression, hot flashes, insomnia, loss of energy, depression, anxiety, mood swings, vaginal dryness, headaches, night sweats, etc.

So how do we increase hormone levels when we are facing such aggravating symptoms?

In recent years, there has been an increase in popularity for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Hormone replacement therapy is commonly provided through bioidentical hormone pellet supplements that are injected into an area of fat, typically in the abdomen region. Bioidentical hormone pellets are a type of HRT that are more natural and healthy for the body than certain synthetic drugs which have been known to improve hormone performance. Initially, bioidentical pellets were created from yams and soy but in recent years, due to the demand for mass production, there have been lab advancements aiding the delivery of pellets to the health market. Bioidentical hormones are created to match the same hormone chemicals that our bodies create.

Health benefits from bioidentical hormones have been widely reported and show improvement in weight loss, energy and mood levels, skin, hair and nail growth, sex drive, sleep, amongst many others. These effects can last up to four months.

Hormone levels are known to peak in our late 20s and early 30s. Due to this fact, HRT is not only used for those undergoing menopause and andropause. In many cases, women and men in their mid 30s require supplemental boosts in progesterone, estrogen or testosterone.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Philadelphia, PA -The Balanced Woman

HRT has held popularity in California and the West Coast but in recent years, it has been making its way across the nation and growing in recognition. For those on the East Coast, it has been gaining favor in the New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and D.C. regions. While it is still difficult to find professionals who specialize in this area, men and women are urged to speak to their gynecologists or general practitioners to learn where they can seek services and treatment.

Often, many of us who are undergoing symptoms of hormone deficiencies aren’t aware of the source. This is why it is important to speak with a specialist to determine whether your hormone levels are balanced or require attention. Do your research. Informative websites like or may be helpful in getting you started. But regular visits with a doctor will directly address your concerns and find a healthy solution for you.

Achieving a balanced body and satisfying its fundamental needs is not only crucial to our overall health but to our happiness as well.

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