Women’s Wellness

It is crucial for women to receive tailored medical experiences. Women’s hormones are complicated and vary drastically in comparison to men. Women face certain life-cycles such as periods, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, menopause, etc. that many men are unfamiliar with and unable to relate to. Our team of experts are specialized in all areas ‘Woman’. From adolescent to elderly treatment, we are prepared for all stages in life.

At The Balanced Women we take a holistic approach to women’s wellness.

Combining traditional and alternative medicine, The Balanced Woman provides standard obstetrics and gynecological services, including wellness and preventative medicine with a focus on treating the whole patient; mind, body and spirit. We are here to support women through every stage of their lives in promoting natural health and healing.

Our team of practitioners, led by OB/GYN Board-Certified Dr. Marialisa Lambert and CNRP Alene Bender Herman, are ready to help you on your journey to enhance your overall health.  In addition to traditional preventative medicine and gynecology, we also offer options for natural hormone balancing and other female health support. Our varied methods and disciplines allow our patients to appreciate the general approach we take towards improving women’s health.  

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Women's Wellness

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We provide high-quality care based on the unique needs and specifications of our patients.

We provide high-quality care based on the unique needs and specifications of our patients.

When you visit our office for the first time, your appointment will begin in a one-on-one consultation with one of our highly-trained clinicians. We want to hear the specific reasons that brought you to us along with some of your daily life routines. This conversation will help us create a successful plan for you to reach your target health goals. We can be your support through your journey as well – from first visit, to beyond; helping you sustain an optimum condition through each stage of life.

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