Functional &

Integrative Medicine

Functional & Integrative Medicine is personalized medicine that deals with prevention and also gets to the underlying root causes of disease rather than dealing with symptoms that arise after chronic disease has set in.

In medicine, it often serves the question of “Why?”, rather than “What?” because we are looking to find and treat the underlying reasons WHY your symptoms are presenting, not just treat WHAT the symptoms are.

You are in control of your health.

We believe that with the right knowledge, you will be given the power to regain control of your body and feel healthy again. The Balanced Woman is patient-focused; arming you with information about your specific biologic makeup and how your body reacts to environmental factors. From there, you will be able to help assess the situation and make educated choices that will aid you in feeling healthy, healing, and continuously improving your physical and mental state of well being.

You are tasked with making daily choices that can either support positive health or promote disease within your body but we are here to help guide you in making the right decisions for your lifestyle.

Functional & Integrative Medicine - In Control
Functional & Integrative Medicine - Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is not a quick fix.

It is a journey toward healing that we will take together. At The Balanced Woman we believe that we need to spend time with our patients, listen to their histories, and examine the interactions between genetics, environmental and daily life aspects that can influence your long-term health.

Functional & Integrative Medicine is guided by 5 core principles:

  • Understanding the biochemical individuality of each person, based on the concepts of genetics and environmental influence
  • Emphasis on a patient-centered approach to treatment rather than a disease-centered one
  • Searching for a dynamic balance among the internal and external experiences
  • Familiarity with the complex connections of internal physiological factors
  • Identification of health as a positive vitality, not merely the absence of disease