Food Sensitivity Testing

We all know the sign of a food allergy – swelling of the mouth/airway, difficulty breathing, hives, etc. but we could also be suffering from food sensitivities which are harder to pinpoint. Food sensitivities could be the culprit for what’s making you feel less than 100%.

Food Sensitivity Testing - Pinpoint

Food sensitivities can be hard to pinpoint.

Some people can attribute headaches, IBS, fibromyalgia, and fatigue from food sensitivities. If a person keeps ingesting the foods they are sensitive to, it could turn into chronic pain and inflammation, which could eventually result in an autoimmune disorder. Many people suffering from “leaky gut” have food sensitivities that perpetuate the problem. For example, gluten and dairy intolerances are a couple overlooked but very common allergies out there. In fact, because these compounds are hard on the human digestive system, it is critical that these, amongst others out there, are accompanied by the appropriate foods groups in order to be processed properly. By diagnosing these food sensitivities we can make a tangible change in our lifestyle to kick start feeling better.

One tried and true way of figuring out food sensitivities is through a food elimination dieting. It is all about listening to what your body is telling you about what you are feeding it. If you want to try food elimination your clinician at The Balanced Woman will set up at regimen you can follow to make the testing organized and easy to follow. When you reintroduce foods into your diet and symptoms arise upon the reintroduction period, you will then be able to know that a food group isn’t right for you. It’s the first step in finding the diet and foods that work for you to ultimately help you feel better.