Hormone Pellets for Men

Hormone Pellets for Men

Hormone replacement therapy is not only for women!

While hormonal change is seemingly more expressed in women, an often-overlooked subject which affects men is a condition known as andropause. Men do not experience the associated roller coaster of hormonal change that women do on a reoccurring basis, but while these changes in men are not as noticeable as in their female counterparts, they do take place. These hormonal changes have as much of an impact on men as do the hormonal fluctuations experienced by women.

Mood variation is often a consequence of fluctuating hormones with these changes in temperament exacerbated by the physical imbalance. If, for example, one is suffering from a stiff neck or aching back they might be irritable or depressed and their outlook grim. Rather than having a positive outlook their thoughts could linger on the negative side which, of course, doesn’t only affect them, but everyone around them as well. Hormonal imbalance can take the same emotional toll and quite often it’s the friends and family of the affected person that are the first to notice the changes that are taking place. While the indication of these hormonal changes in males is not as blatantly recognized as the symptoms due to stiff neck or bad back, they can be equally as debilitating.

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Low T is becoming more recognizable as a real medical issue, but men are usually slower than their female counterparts to seek medical evaluation and treatment regarding their diminishing hormones. Testosterone in men starts to slowly decrease after the age of thirty and low testosterone affects almost half the men of 45 years and older. In married couples over the age of 45 the male may notice the physical and emotion changes affecting his wife or partner, while being unaware that the same type of changes might be happening to him as well. Due to a lifetime of monthly cycles it’s not unusual for women to be more keenly aware of their own hormonal fluctuations. Because of this awareness it may rest upon the woman involved to urge her partner to seek an evaluation and to determine if low T might be the issue.

Low T happens gradually to all men as they age and their testosterone depletes. Usually these hormonal changes are not as pronounced or dramatic as a woman’s menopause because andropause doesn’t happen as rapidly as menopause, which takes place in only a few years’ time. Low T, or andropause, slowly makes itself known by loss of vigor, muscle mass, restless sleep, moodiness and perhaps most notably, loss of sex drive or the ability to participate in sexual activity. All of this usually occurs gradually over a 10-20-year period making it that much more difficult to treat or diagnose.

Andropause, much like menopause, is frequently overlooked by medical professionals and is quite often not considered a condition as much as something that happens at a certain time in life. Recently, however, low T and andropause have become as much of an issue as the hormonal imbalance in women. There are treatments for the symptoms of andropause and a testosterone deficiency can be alleviated by Intramuscular injections, testosterone cream applied to the skin or inside the nose, a testosterone stick (like a deodorant stick) or, for longer lasting results, subcutaneous pellets.


Men and women today want to live life to the fullest as they age and fortunately there is a way to maintain some of the energy and vitality that starts to diminish due to the aging process and the associated hormonal imbalance. Now, through the use of hormone pellets, we have a safe and relatively easy way to reverse some of the effects of aging in both men and women. Weight loss, regained energy, mood elevation and a stronger sex drive are some of the positive effects related to Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

In the past hormone replacement has been regarded to include such threats as a slightly increased risk for cancer, liver toxicity and heart disease. However, those perils appear to be related to the synthetic forms of oral testosterone and estrogen replacement, but not to the bioidentical hormone pellets which are hormones derived from plants and are chemically identical to those that the human body naturally produces.


Using the transdermal or-under the skin deposits reduces or even eliminates the health dangers associated with other forms of hormonal replacement and provides a safe and efficient means of delivering the hormones to both men and women. These under the skin Bio Identical hormones deposits are a compounded form of testosterone and estrogen and are chemically identical to our own naturally produced hormones and release as needed.

There are many small routines we can incorporate into our daily schedules which will offer long-lasting solutions to our overall health. Often, we put too much energy into one area of life and forget the benefits of having the presence of balance.

If you are feeling more down than usual, consider your nutritional health and whether you are receiving the proper treatment and support. If you take supplements it is important to consult with your doctor to make sure your daily vitamin regimen is up to date and to examine any other internal factors that may be causing fatigue or moodiness. Low libido, lack of sleep, irritability and stress can all be contributed to hormonal imbalance. Call us today to schedule an appointment to see how we can assist you.

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