Preconception Counseling

The first opportunity to optimize your child’s health is in the preconception stage. Medically unexplained infertility is on the rise. This can be associated largely to high stress lifestyles, poor diet, and environmental toxins. Small changes and adjustments in the six to twelve month period before conception can help create the best possible environment for a baby to grow and thrive.

The first step is to have a positive mindset.

Focusing on creating a healthier lifestyle through small changes over time can gradually help set up an optimal foundation for a healthy pregnancy. The Balanced Woman is dedicated to working with you to find the best approach.

We will begin by detoxifying your system: You will learn the importance of eating natural, traditionally prepared food in their rawest of elements rather than eating out and picking up highly processed, convenience or fast food. This will ensure that you are getting the proper nutrients you need while eliminating the toxins found in pre-packaged foods.

Preconception Counseling - First Step
Preconception Counseling - Fertility

Stress is known to impair fertility.

At The Balanced Woman, we will look at ways to help you reduce your levels of stress and incorporate relaxation techniques into your daily life. We will also explore effective mechanisms of coping with stress. This will help create a better balance of hormones in your body and release tension instead of storing it and thus, increasing your likelihood of conceiving.

There are many paths that lead to the same end-result. For an approach to be effective, it needs to be something that suits you as an individual. The Balanced Woman is here to be your guide along those paths; to answer questions, offer suggestions, have conversations and be a part of your support system. We will address the mind, body, and soul. Holistic preconception care helps nurture healthy mothers, which, in turn, helps create healthy, happy babies.