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An Easy Shopping Guide: Essential Vitamins and Nutrients that Should be in Your Cabinet

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With so many vitamins out there, it’s tough deciphering which ones are right for you. 

Vitamins are an essential part of our diets. It is with certain compounds and nutrients that our bodies are able to operate at their optimal levels. With so many vitamins out there, it’s tough deciphering which are the right kind for you. To get you started, we’ve created an easy shopping guide with handpicked favorites from the specialists at The Balanced Woman

Vitamin B

B Vitamins are vital in many aspects of health, especially for women. Many men and women are often deficient in B vitamins. Vitamin B can enhance energy levels and elevate your mood. In addition to helping cognitive function, B vitamins promote cellular health and immune support. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are at risk of having depleted levels of Vitamin B which are crucial to the growing baby and new mother. The supplement is also especially important for those who are vegetarian or vegan.

Vitamin C

This is likely the vitamin that is most familiar to most. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which means that it can help stabilize free radicals which can be damaging on the cellular level. Vitamin C is a powerful supplement that will improve the immune system, repair wounds and collagen along with promoting bone, teeth, and cartilage health. Taking Vitamin C daily can greatly improve your state of health while boosting energy levels. We recommend a regular dosage of 1000 mg to receive the best results.

In addition to capsules, one of our favorite products is a Vitamin C spray for the face. Again, C promotes healthy collagen and protects from free radicals. Topical use of the supplement has multiple skin benefits. Because of this, you will often see it in the ingredients of skin products.


Multi Vitamins can be deceiving. Not all of them carry high enough levels of the compounds that our bodies need. They are, however, the easiest fix when looking for a way to condense your minerals into one dose. We found that GNC has a great brand known as MEGA for both men and women.


We love Magnesium. As one of mine and my daughter’s favorites, it helps relieve many PMS symptoms while playing an important role in many other departments. Not only does magnesium help repair our DNA, but it also absorbs heavy metals, enhances performance levels in exercise, works as an anti-inflammatory, and can help with heart palpitation too. Amongst many other benefits, we strongly encourage almost everyone to take a daily dosage of magnesium. Many of these vitamins, such as the one we recommended here can also be purchased from You can call or email The Balanced Woman for purchasing details and to save money on your order. If you’re interested in learning more, this blog will give you a ton of information on Magnesium’s benefits.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E promotes healthy skin, hair and nail growth while also providing many other health benefits. Alongside with immune support, Vitamin E can also aid in the prevention of inflammation while lowering risks for cancer and boosting our body’s essential functions such as eye sight. One blend that we particularly like is lifextension brand.

Fish Oil

Another supplement we love is Fish Oil. Great for arthritis and joints, it also is wonderful for hair, skin, and nail health. Fish has a ton of nutritional properties that are wonderful for our bodies. If you are vegan or vegetarian or someone who simply just doesn’t like fish, this is something we’d highly recommend for you.


This is another great supplement and can work wonders for people with anxiety. As a natural relaxant, Ashgawada – also known as Indian Ginseng – has calming properties but will also induce a sustainable increase in energy levels for those who take it on a regular basis. Known to help both depression, stress and anxiety, it is known to reduce cortisol levels in the body. In addition the herb supplement can also aid in lowering cholesterol and inflammation while improving cognitive and memory function amongst many other benefits.

St Johns Wort

This is another miracle supplement for those suffering from mild cases of depression and anxiety. This natural antidepressant is especially useful for PMS and for adolescent women or those undergoing hormonal changes. Enhancing energy levels, it also provides antibacterial and antiviral properties. It was my go-to care-package item for my daughter when she was at college!



Tumeric is the “IT” supplement today. Largely due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that it generates, it has been tied to a variety of health benefits. The tricky thing with Tumeric is that it doesn’t absorb in our bloodstream easily so many products out there are selling you something that is not properly binding to your body and doing the job it’s being sold to do. Be careful when you buy Tumeric and definitely do your research on this topic. We suggest always looking at the ingredients and making sure that there is black pepper in the compound, which will help assist the absorption of its properties.


Zinc is such an important nutrient to our bodies and since we are unable to produce or retain it naturally, we often are lacking it from our system. It is an essential part of our diet and is fundamental to our DNA, contributing to healthy cell function. Zinc is crucial to the metabolism and the digestive system. It aids in the healing wounds and improve immunity. It has also been known to help with acne and mental function.


Another favorite of ours, and an area that has become increasingly more popular in recent years, is CBD oil and supplements. CBD is known for contributing to a variety of health needs. Reducing inflammation, inhibiting cancer cell growth, relieving pain, promoting bone growth, aiding in sleep, soothing nausea and anxiety, and slowing bacteria growth are all major benefits that this natural supplement has to offer. Finding the right kind can be overwhelming seeing that there are so many out there. One of our picks is Canbiola. The Balanced Woman also sells these products, along with a variety of others. For better rates, call our office or inquire for more information next time you stop in.

Before beginning a vitamin or supplement regimen, it is beneficial to speak with a specialist to discuss the best options for you and your body’s needs. Often times, tests will be conducted to observe specific deficiencies within a certain individual. Speaking with your doctor about your daily lifestyle will help target your specific areas of concern to outline what is missing. Introducing daily supplements that the body requires, and may lack, can better enhance your everyday routines, relationships and general health. 

The Balanced Woman offers in-depth counseling on vitamins and nutritional health. Dr. Lambert, a board-certified GYN doctor, and her team of integrative and holistic medical specialists are readily available to speak with you to uncover the best solutions for your body’s needs.

Often, it is the simple changes that make the biggest impact!

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