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At The Balanced Woman, we understand that your health is complex. We give you the time you need to explain your unique situation. We’ll address your concerns and create a treatment plan together.

Dr Marialisa Lambert - OBGY Ardmore, PA

Your health and comfort are our top priorities at The Balanced Woman.

The Approach is Balanced

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Whole Person Approach

Treat the Cause, not the Symptoms

We are here to listen.

Minimum of 1 hour one-on-one with Dr. Lambert at your first appointment. Our objective is to ascertain a comprehensive history so we can treat the whole person. You won’t feel rushed or unheard when you visit The Balanced Woman.

If you’re going through menopause, or perimenopause, you may not feel like yourself.

We understand.

And we are here to help.

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Have you thought about hormone treatment?

The Balanced Woman specializes in hormone balancing. When our hormones are imbalanced, the rest of our system can get thrown off too. This goes for both men & women. We are able to successfully treat many patients with hormone replacement therapy, for issues including:

  • mood changes

  • digestive issues

  • loss of focus

  • fatigue

  • hair & skin changes

  • weight gain

  • PMS

  • low sex drive

  • insomnia

  • depression

Whether you’re experiencing one or any combination of the above issues, you deserve to feel better and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Contact The Balanced Woman today to start on your journey toward feeling great and full of life.

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Hormone Replacement isn’t just for women who are going through menopause or perimenopause. It’s also been proven to help people with thyroid conditions.

If you are experiencing low energy, weight gain or thinning hair, it may be hypothyroidism. Contact The Balanced Woman today for treatment.

When you choose to come to The Balanced Woman for your medical treatment, you are choosing a compassionate and comprehensive approach to your health.

We know what you’re experiencing and we are here to help.

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